Danske jägarens jaktbyte – två halvnakna människor som har sex

Publicerad 29 augusti, 2015

Den danske jägaren var ute och jagade på privat mark när han plötsligt stötte på de här människorna... Pinsamt värre!

My father caught one of the most epic videos iv’e seen in a while last night.
We were sitting in our treestands, when he suddenly calls over the radio, telling that a stranger’s car came onto our hunting area!

It came through a rather impassable track, and through 100 meters of 1½ meter high corn. Then turns around, and heads back and parks between some trees out of his vision. (20 meters away from our ”keep away – hunting in the area” sign.)

The doors slam, and 2 people walk into the bushes. My father then decided to climb down and investigate if anything illegal is going on.